The challenge

The Scale it up - innovation challenge is your opportunity to get first-class support in accelerating your start up from leaders in the food value chain. 

Taking the big step from a first version to a scalable product ready to be launched is difficult. The Scale It Up! innovation challenge helps your start-up to accelerate and scale your project, product or solution. Bühler, Cargill, Givaudan and Puris, all leaders within the food system value chain will support you on your journey with our expertise, and access to our network and first class facilities.

We are looking for...

  1. Plant-based food products
  2. New protein sources for food ingredients or consumer products 
  3. New opportunities along the food value chain
  4. Solutions that closely mimic consumer experience of meat and dairy  
  5. Solutions that propose a unique taste profile

We prefer 
solutions that…

  1. Bring forward clear health and nutrition benefits
  2. Have a Clean Label 
  3. Lower the environmental footprint from food production
  4. Have enough material to go into assess scalability / have scalable quantity

Who can join?

  1. You have a first version of a solution and are in need of scaling
  2. You are committed to sustainability and finding better ways to use the resources of our planet
  3. You are located in a region where Scale It Up! is available

Take up the challenge

If you have read this far, we know you are serious about alternative protein sources and doing something to make a difference in the world.

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